One question I often get asked is “how can I marry the right person?” Even though that sounds like a very valid and important question, I have observed over the years that the question is often times backed by fear – the fear of marrying the wrong person!
Everyone wants to live in the bliss of a happy ending and looking for the prince charming or sleeping beauty. Reality is that they are simply fairytales.

It’s very difficult to attract the right person when you are not the right person. I believe single men and women need to change their focus from looking outward to focusing inward. Let me explain what I mean.

A lot of singles worry so much about finding the right person that they lose focus of themselves. What are your values? What are your dreams? What exactly are you living for? How secured are you in yourself? How emotionally balanced are you?

Quit looking for the right person but BE the right person and you will attract the right person for you. So focus on becoming the right person. Develop yourself mentally, move in the direction of your passion, live your values, pursue your dreams and live life to the maximum. Often times we appeal to and attract the people who are on the same path of passion with us.

Become an emotionally balanced single. Emotionally imbalanced people depend fully on their spouse for emotional security and acceptance, as a result they tend to stay on the receiving side and may drain their spouse emotionally.

Bottom line, become an independent and fulfilled single. Don’t pause your life to look for a spouse. I understand the pressure the society places on matured singles to get married but don’t allow the pressure to overwhelm you to a point of lowering your values and go for ‘just anybody’. BE yourself, BE the right person and you will attract the right person.



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