You may find yourself alert on a certain rainy morning by 1am, jerked awake by the snores from your partner. Seven years after marriage and you lie in bed, wondering what happened to the sparks and surprises. You turn to fix a full flare on him or her, and you realise that somehow, you are living your happily ever after. This is what would define your love; furniture arguments, incessant snoring, poorly flushed toilets, mood swings and occasionally, whose turn it is to pay for Dstv.

Why? Because this is what life is, this is what fairy tales are made of. There is no castle. There may be no servants or crowns, but once you have your partner and you DECIDE to stay the course, to invest in your friendship of today, to share in the hope of the future and to commit to sticking around even in hopeless times, then you just might be fine.

So friends, dreams come true-but not without your resolve. Love is not a walk in the park, nor a momentarily leave of your senses. It is you, decided. Decided to keep on giving, hoping and loving, even when it seems the sparks are gone. 
                                              Tochi Eze
Photo credit: PicturesNew

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