You are human, with distinct and unique sense of ideologies. Your life is patterned after the choices you make as an individual, emphasis on ‘individual’. So yes, it is your right to preserve the singularity of your identity with as much strength as you can manage. To resist people who judge you based on stereotypes or cultural prejudice. You know, the ones who box you into prescribed behaviour patterns, those who insist because you are yoruba you must act a certain way, or that by being igbo, you must have a certain trait. And then, worse of all, the ones who suggest that our difference must not be mixed, whether in marriage, in business or in the genuine laughter of friendship.
I tell you, they are the true enemies of our civilization, those who refuse us the benefit of our character…who crucify us on the premise of a history we did not choose…those who have built towers of division and insist they are merely walls of protection.

Resist them, with as much strength as you can manage.

Tochi Eze

Photo Credit: Hide.me


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    Nice one

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    Haven’t had to make use of it a lot however its a life save once
    you do.


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