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Flirting really depends on both sides and the response from the receiving end. If you are flirting with someone and you are getting the red light instead of the green or maybe the orange, you should know that continuous flirting with a person like that will only lead to you pissing the person off. Unlike when u get the orange then have to decide the intention of the person and when you get the green, which gives you 85% of getting a positive response.

The fact that you have a crush on someone doesn’t immediately put you in a position to invade their privacy with your flirting.

But also, instead of wasting your time hanging around the corner, till some other guy comes to sweep them off your eyes, why not try and read meaning to the response you get from that crush and make up your mind?
Remember you could be flirting with him/her but still be in either a friend zone, family zone or even “unserious” zone. Your choice.

But tell us. How far would you go when it comes to flirting? How much of flirt would you take? Do you prefer advances that go straight to the point? Or you want the chance to play yard to get? Let’s hear from you!

Photo Credit:  CDN Psychology Today *Content Support from SHERIPH OSHIN

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